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Felip Jhon Suson, known by his mononym FELIP, is a Filipino singer-songwriter, performer, and producer.

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A musical oeuvre that reflects a fusion of eclectic influences and genre-blurring experimentation. The perfect blend of hip-hop, rock, and R&B; a sound uniquely his own.

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Latest Release

Considered to be a prelude to FELIP's COM·PLEX era and preceding his redemptive track Kanako, Fake Faces addresses the concept of authenticity and vulnerability.

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Felip on Vogue

Featured in Vogue Philippines May 2024 issue, FELIP, shares the humps and bumps of his life as an artist representing his culture.

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From intimate discussions about his inspirations to behind-the-scenes glimpses into his artistic process, these interviews offer an insight into his mind and soul.

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From virtual appearances to live stages, he demonstrates a remarkable capacity to transcend conventional boundaries, thereby fostering a deep connection with his audience.

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Clothing Line

A combination of style and comfort. Founded by FELIP himself, SuperiorSon elevates streetwear with its quality and attention to detail, embodying everyday luxury.

Multi-hyphenate Artist


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